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Kentaro SFW 3.0 package

3.0 Avatar with 3 toggles

It says how to get it for free here (below)! Don't DM me asking me!

You will receive a Unity Package containing the model following download.

Link to the free girl Vivian by Mochi: https://gum.co/VivianByMochi



  • Toggles - Shirt, Face Mask, and Glasses.


Terms of Service

By downloading or purchasing this avatar, you agree to the Terms of Service.

1. No resale or redistribution. This includes leaking, trading, and friend uploads.

2. Avatar must be privately uploaded on VRChat and NOT publicly, as it is for private use only.

3. You may NOT edit the avatar for commercial purposes or use in resale. You are only allowed to edit it for strictly personal purposes that are non-commercial in nature.

4. You may NOT use any of the assets for personal or commercial use unless you own the rights to do so, which you do not have by default and will need to obtain from the asset's respective creator (refer to the credits).

Failure to comply to these Terms of Service is a breach of Copyright and legal action will be taken.



To get the model you have to join my discord server for the discount code! it will be in #announcements after you read the rules.

Server link: discord.gg/a8StfPuyBd

♥ Thank you for 1k members. This is to show our appreciation to everyone! Thank you so much. ♥



(Click on the underlined text for the links to assets within the community)

  • Body: Pandaabear#9873 (Edited by mochi#5504 and Zantheon#3144)

  • Tattoo Textures: custom by ʟᴀʀᴄᴇɴʏ#2358

  • Head: TDA (Head Edit by Zantheon#3144 and Texture Edit by mochi#5504)

  • T-Shirt: Gorilla X3

  • Jewelry: Zantheon#3144 (scratch in Blender)

  • Leg Belt: Sache#8302

  • Dress Pants: Darte77

  • Shoes: Darte77

  • Hair: MoooD

  • Poiyomi Shader by Poiyomi

  • Locomotion Fix by WetCat#6969

I want this!

Unity Package

120 MB


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